the cat that lost its vineyard

the cat that lost its vineyard, 2017

CCR Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, France 


Lens, Wood, Fabric, Natural Light, Sound, Video Projection (continuous loop) | 3m x 4m enclosed space

The camera obscura is a natural optical phenomenon whereby an inverted and mirrored image of the outside view is projected inside a darkened space when light is allowed to pass through a small hole.

Ideal Viewing Conditions 

A bright sunny day


From the very first day of my residency at Les Dominicans, there were two things that caught my attention – the quality of light, and the rolling vineyards of Kitterlé forming the backdrop of the Alsatian commune of Guebwiller in north-eastern France. For the first few weeks its presence was something I was acutely aware of, but slowly this towering figure receded into the background of my visual experience. Familiarity it seems had altered the perception of my surroundings and I was curious to see if I could once again re-experience the mountain in a new way.

In this installation, I use the properties of a camera obscura to transport the Kitterlé away from its natural habitat and reframe it within a custom built garden house. Adding to the naturally formed image of the mountain, a single-channel video projection with sound is used to create a subtle interplay between these elements to explore the boundaries between the old and new, natural and digital. 

This project was produced during Odyssée residency at Les Dominicains, Alsace France